Research | Wireframe | Prototype | Interaction Design | Visual Design

I redesigned PayByPhone's iOS app presence. We set out to modernize and re-establish the flagship product of the company as a leader and innovator in the parking industry.

The previous iOS application was a web application designed to look and behave in a way similar to a native application. Parking with the app was a slow process and the interface began looking dated. 

The project was split into three phases. The first phase was was a brief audit of PayByPhone customer's pain points and looking at the needs of the business. Existing users were finding PayByPhone to be the most reliable source for remote pay parking but found the app to have awful navigation, slow user experience and subpar information architecture.

The second phase of the project was a comprehensive self-audit. As the web team, we analyzed every page of the website and it's interaction flows. We also asked a broad spectrum of students, including prospective ones, for their input on how the website affected their decision and their daily lives.



Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 1.04.46 AM.png