Summer Bytes

As most of you know, Justin got a baby Boston Terrier for the family and she's everything! Bailey's so sweet, playful and full of love, we're all obsessed with her. For the short month that we've had her, she's already picking up all these new tricks and house rules, as well as doubling up in size. As new puppy owners, we're learning about her as much (and fast) as she's learning about us.

After Justin took Bailey out to the park for a short run last night, we had our first real scare. We had no idea that puppies and dogs would be vulnerable to mosquitoes and within moments of returning home, Bailey started itching her face which shortly swelled up everywhere. I literally booked it to Justin's place as soon as I heard the news and died a little inside when I saw how bad the mosquitoes got her.

Both of her eyes were all swollen, the areas around her mouth were all red and puffy, she looked really beat but luckily it didn't bother her enough to affect her playfulness. I knew the bites were disturbing her though cause she would give herself a good scratch if we didn't keep distracting her. Her cheeks were so puffy, Justin described her face to be comparable to a Frenchie, ha.


While we considered bringing Bailey to the animal emergency, I'm glad that we tried out some home remedies first cause they worked like a charm. Just by applying a baking soda + water solution to her bites controlled the swelling a lot. We then bathed her with Epsom salt which should have eased the irritation, and it was a great distraction. Bailey hasn't gotten used to bath times yet so she still freaks out while we wash her. She was a teeny bit puffy and red when we put her to bed but at least she was able to open her eyes again and the rest of the bites were clearing.

This morning she woke up looking well, I'm so glad it's all over. It's amazing how effective baking soda and Epsom salt was, my own mosquito bites never disappear that fast. She's a super puppy! 

So the lesson of the day, look out for mosquitoes whether it may be for yourself, your kids, or your furry friends. Mosquitoes are ruthless. Ending my first post here with Bailey's thoughts on her first visit to Milk & Sugar Cafe.