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Video & Follow Up: ColourPop ft. Jenn Ne Sais Quoi & More

OK ColourPop, you win!

I've been eying on you for a while now. Your packaging is on point, prices are reasonable, and now you have a collaboration with my favourite YouTube guru?! I'm in! Since ColourPop has been circulating around my YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram feed, I've only been hearing good things. I finally caved when Jenn Im & ColourPop announced the launch date to be the same time around ColourPop's 2nd anniversary — this meant every order came with their limited birthday edition super shock eyeshadow named "Birthday Boy." 

If you remember from a few months ago, I filmed my haul and quickly went through all the products I ordered. After using these products for a while, here's what I think!

ColourPop Super Shock Eye Shadows In Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Birthday Boy

This eyeshadow formula is unlike anything I've experienced before; it's a mix between cream and powder, it's super smooth, extremely pigmented yet it's light on the skin. I personally find it a little hard to control with a brush so I prefer to use my finger to apply and blend the colours out. There's something about the oils on our finger and how it picks up the product so easily with just a single swipe. I find that I always manage to rub off "Un" throughout the day but the satin colours never fail me.

  • Un is an light gold shade with an ultra metallic finish — I love highlighting my tear duct with this
  • Deux is a warm brown with a satin finish — this is a fantastic blending colour
  • Trois is like a warm brick red with brown tones — this is surprisingly wearable, I used to only wear natural browns on my eyes so this colour has been a great transition to popping some colour on
  • Quatre is a blackened dark brown — I use this colour to either add dimension to my lids or to draft my liquid eyeliner
  • Birthday Boy is medium taupe with blue and purple-y metallic finish — all I need is a brush (or swipe) of this colour, winged eyeliner, lashes & I'm ready to party

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips in Solow, Bianca, Dohee, Lumiere 2

I wouldn't say the formula of ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lips is my favourite but to be fair, we could get a pretty dandy collection of colours for an ideal price. Make sure to apply the liquid lipstick with care and concentration because the product is less forgiving. Purchasing the recommended lip liner will help.

  • Solow is a sweet pink on the neutral side — I love this colour and can wear it everyday
  • Bianca didn't turn out the colour I anticipated it to be. It looked a lot pinker in ColourPop's catalogue but turned out a lot more brown in tone. Its a tad too close to my skin tone, so I'll have to save this one for when I want to go for mauve nude lips.
  • Dohee is actually an ultra satin lip — it's a bold peachy colour thats highly pigmented. Be careful of over applying!
  • Lumiere 2 is a mauve, purple — this colour reminds me of the Snapchat filter that gave us purple lips. This colour was a lot more purple than expected!

Picking lip colours will always be a challenge for me. Trying to decide whether a colour will look good on me by a digital picture is just so hard but I did pretty well this time round.

ColourPop Lippie Stix in Jenneration X, Poppin'

I'm so impressed with ColourPop's Lippie Stix, let me break it down for you —

  • The pigmentation is excellent and glides on smoothly
  • While there maybe slight transfer to cups, the product still lasts me through the day without constant reapplication
  • The bullet is slimmer and gives a beautiful precise line
  • I don't find the product drying at all, I've never had a problem
  • Compact design and easy to carry around
  • The prices won't break the bank

I think ColourPop has pretty much nailed the optimal formula of these lipsticks.

As a girl who's usually pretty conservative with her lip colours, both of these colours took a little while for me to get used to. As I started experimenting with the colours more, I started appreciating the bolder, and edgier look — I love wearing this colour to cocktail parties.

  • Jenneration X is a bright red with orange tones
  • Poppin' is a bright and bold fuschia 

Before I go, if you're curious about my ColourPop Haul, here it is linked below —