How about using food waste to feed the hungry?


Theater of Life, a documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), follows famous Italian chef Massimo Bottura at the 2015 Milan World’s Fair as he establishes Refettorio Ambrosiano, a soup kitchen than repurposed good food from the Expo pavilions and other eateries into meals for the the poor, homeless and the hungry.


Jan 9th — To celebrate the Vancouver premiere of Theatre of Life, chefs David Gunawan of The Farmer's Apprentice, Brian Luptak of The Acorn Restaurant, and Robert Clarke of The Arbor Restaurant; created innovative dishes with food scraps from their kitchens for guests to try prior to the screening.



Roasted Rutabaga

parsnip mustard, apple gastrique & compressed roots

Presented by
Chef Brian Luptak
The Acorn Restaurant



roasted marina de chioggia squash, ricotta & arugula

Presented by
Chef Robert Clarke
The Arbor Restaurant


Presented by
Chef David Gunawan
The Farmer's Apprentice


Squash Tortellini

with squash seed butter & whey, lamb broth



Thanks Milk Creative Communications for the invitation to the premiere