Steph Wants

A Deep Breath at Kick!

Whew! Today, I can finally take a deep, deep breath and spend the morning worrying absolutely nothing. Although it's been a very rewarding summer school semester learning new technologies, developing virtual realities, and collaborating with amazing inter-discipline artists; I am happy that the craze is all over — bring on my two weeks of summer holidays!

Over the last few months, I've been working closely with my two mentors, Mark & Maryam, on some really exciting projects. They motivate and support me through everything I'm going through, it's been truly a wonderful journey so far and I couldn't thank them enough just for believing I had it in me. They have given me so much insight whether it may be related to life experiences, business, or design; I feel so incredibly lucky to have two talented role models like them to turn to.

Needless to say, hard work is accompanied by lots of fun and socials. After Mark and Maryam finished their course with Kick Vancouver, it called for celebrations at the Kick Rooftop Mingler.

Pictures to sum up two successful evenings of networking. Thank you Mark, Maryam and Kick for having me! It was a pleasure meeting all you creatives and young entrepreneurs.