Steph Wants

Sweet Sunday at Faubourg - Valentine's Edition

Valentine's Day is just around the corner if there aren't enough Valentine's themed lists to remind you that already. If you know what flavours you're after but just haven't committed to anything yet, you might find this useful. I got to celebrate a little earlier with my foodie partner-in-crime at Faubourg and the following three sweet treats are exclusive for February 12-14th, 2016:

This year's Macaron Heart is the most fitting for the occasion. It's filled with dark chocolate mousse, fresh raspberries, and the salted caramel centre was a sweet discovery. It will please those who enjoy chocolate, salted caramel, and everything in between. Just note that it's quite rich in chocolate and heavier than the following fruitier options below.

The heart-shaped Linzer Cookie is filled with homemade raspberry marmelade, finished with icing sugar. I loved the crumbly texture of the cookie; April and I easily worked our way through it with a fork without making a mess. I'd have this as a morning treat, a midday pick me up, or a buttery after dinner nibble — just as long as I have my cup of tea.

The Valentine's Pastry is a pineapple mousse and passionfruit curd over a vanilla sponge cake, with a raspberry mousse heart over chocolate crémeux. We liked this one the most! Sweet and tart desserts are so easy to eat and enjoyable after dinner. If you're planning dessert for post-dinner, I'd go for this one.

If any of the three treats above catches your eye, I recommend ordering in advance to save yourself from a headache - you can never be too prepared!

While I'm at it, I might as well share the Macaron of the Month as well — it's Strawberry and Dark Balsamic; just incase you want to pick a box of 6 or 12. 

Last but not least, the Pastry of the Month — Peach Melba, layered with a peach mousse, mascarpone cream and raspberry filling over an almond sponge cake. The white chocolate heart is a cute touch to the cake. If you're into fruity and lighter desserts, then you might want to try this one too.

Showing your appreciation for someone doesn't have to be anything too crazy, it could be as simple as bringing your loved one to somewhere they've never been. Or if they're a foodie like me — just make sure there's food involved, and finish off with sweets! Whether it's Valentine's or Single's Appreciation, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!