Steph Wants

My Heart Melts For Nice Vice Creamery

My sweet tooth is out of control so it's nice to know there are healthier alternatives to feed the addiction. Since Nice Vice Creamery uses organic, gluten AND soy free ingredients to make their vegan friendly treats; I suppose I can excuse myself for indulging a double scoop sundae with chocolate sauce and brownie bits all on my own. Floats and ice cream sandwiches (yes!!) are also their thing. They have Root Beer & Cream Soda by Capilano Tea House & Soda Co. on tap.

So gluten-free and vegan ice cream sandwiches exist. Bless. These Chocolate Brownie ice cream sandwiches filled with classic Vanilla Vice were unreal. I could barely taste the difference. They were maybe slightly less creamy than the norm but if that means I can get away with indulging more - why not? Especially when they were just as tasty :9

Vegan  ice cream cone anyone !?

Vegan ice cream cone anyone!?

Their selection of vice cream flavours are insane. Cookies and Cream, Matcha Avocado, and Chocoholics Anonymous to name a few. My personal favourites, Blueberry Sage & Strawberry Fiends Forever were flavourful and refreshing.

Check out this line-up of salts by The Salt Dispensary, designed to enhance the flavours of the ice cream. They are optional and I actually didn't try the combination together. My vice cream sundae was cool just the way it was. Topped with vegan chocolate sauce, brownie bits, and waffle pieces — bomb. dot. com.

Nice Vice Creamery is now open in Yaletown, so go say hi and treat yourself!