Steph Wants

Video & Follow Up: Kylie Lip Kits

If you follow me on Snapchat (stephwants), you’d be familiar with my casual Story of the occasional package unboxing, first impressions, or snapshots of my food adventures. About 2 months ago, I created my first YouTube video featuring my spurge on Kylie Lip Kits as an extension of my 30 second shorts.

Note: it was my first formal unboxing video and I wanted to keep my reactions as authentic as possible. Since the video was unscripted, I got so nervous and blanked out couple of times in front of a camera. Evidently I am not very good at describing the colours but I still hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed filming it.

I copped 3 colours — Exposed, Koko K, and Candy K. After couple of uses, I’ve developed some new opinions (and tips) on the products:

  • I love that her matte liquid lipsticks are easy to apply, super pigmented and transfer-proof, but you may already know that. 
  • If you want your Kylie matte lipstick to last extra long on your lips, avoid eating greasy food. When you get oil on your lips and use a napkin to wipe, you almost wipe all the product off.
  • Avoid layering a fresh coat of product on top of an old existing layer. Try to wipe off as much product you can before reapplying because multiple layers feels heavier, is more drying for your lips, and may look blotchy (not in a cute way).
  • The lip liners are surprisingly easy to sharpen without taking out too much of the product. This depends on the angle you sharpen the liners at and how sharp your blade is. In my case, I bought a new sharpener from Daiso.
  • As I dyed my hair colour lighter, Exposed and Koko K became more wearable for me. If I were to pick my favourite of the 3, it would be Candy K — I feel like this colour looks the most natural (on me).
  • Refrain from putting the Lip Kits into your makeup bag if you want to keep your liquid lipstick packaging in mint condition. The black print design starts rubbing off overtime.

What are your experiences with the Kylie Lip Kits? What are your favourite colours and will you be purchasing her new KyShadows & Birthday Collection? — Share below!