Beaucoup's Spring Fling: Honey from Hive for Humanity


Spring has sprung at my all time favourite cafe, Beaucoup Bakery. Not only did they launch a new seasonal menu, they've embraced every opportunity to collaborate with local artists and businesses. You'll notice their seasonal flower arrangements from Flower Factory and brand new commissioned pottery, cups, and plates from Vancouver ceramicist, HiDe Ebina, which are now available on their retail shelves. To top it all off, the key ingredient of their seasonal menu is locally made as well. Here's a visual recap of their new seasonal pastries and make sure to check out the bakery's new mural when you visit. Thanks a million to Rick, Sophia & Jackie for the preview!



locally made from Hives for Humanity is the star of this season.


The non-profit organization have hives in Strathcona, Commercial Drive, Main Street, Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, Hastings Sunrise, and Renfrew; each neighbourhood honey has its own unique characteristic. Beaucoup Bakery features the Renfrew honey into their sweet spring pastries. The bakery will also be selling the small-batch honey off their shelves.


Spring 2017 at Beaucoup Bakery

Rutabaga Mostarda Proscuitto Croissant Sandwich
rutabaga mostarda, lamb prosciutto, Chateaux de Bourgogne cheese, and endives

Miso Honey Roasted Eggplant Flatbread
miso honey roasted Asian eggplants and onions, roasted sesame seeds,
topped with fresh zucchini shiso salad, finished with sansho (Japanese pepper)

Honey Banana Double Baked Croissant
honey syrup infused croissant, almond frangipane, fresh banana slices,
rye crunch, honey caramel, and crushed banana chips

Grapefruit Honey Tarragon Cheesecake
creamy unbaked vanilla cheesecake, fresh grapefruit,
tarragon, honey, and rye strusel


I've been a fan of Beaucoup Bakery since they opened in 2012. In addition to their mouthwatering seasonal pastries, I'm 100% convinced that they make the best Double Baked Chocolate Almond Croissants cause I NEVER leave without one.


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