Steph Wants got a Facelift!

I know! I finally jumped the gun and fully rebranded to @stephwants. Now you can find me here at, @stephwants on Twitter, and @stephwants on Instagram. Who knew having consistent branding would feel so good? This was a long time coming and I obviously had to take this opportunity to create a new logo and give my website a facelift. Don’t worry, I still have @candycomplex and will be repurposing that channel into something else but I won’t reveal too much about that until I have more down on paper.

Steph Wants

Where have you been since 2017 though?

In the last little while, I felt like I was losing touch of why I started blogging so I stopped. Being a perfectionist meant spending way too long on one post whether it was writing the content or editing the images so posting on Instagram worked a lot better for me. I decided to take a step back to truly figure out the purpose of my blog. The truth is I’m not too much of a talker and prefer to put things in writing. It’s almost therapeutic for me but I lost my narrative somewhere along the way because too often I felt obligated to write a raving review instead of writing as a creative outlet. I also didn’t want to keep writing recaps with no real substance so I just avoided writing all together. I know, it’s the worst but it’s something that all food bloggers struggle with. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of creating content just for hits than establishing something more insightful. Essentially, I needed some time to figure out my groove before I dedicated anymore time on this website, yenno?

Long story short

I didn’t understand the value of having a blog until I gained more travel opportunities this year. I used to cross reference many well known digital publications for things to do, see, eat & drink before every trip, but quickly questioned their credibility after being let down one too many times. Since then, I realized that seeking local bloggers were much more dependable especially when looking for hidden gems and bang for the buck (yes, apparently I always have to learn things the hard way). I used to feel extremely discouraged as a blogger because the Vancouver food scene was so saturated but it took these real life experiences to teach me how to produce content that was worthwhile for both you & me!

New features to look out for

  1. New front page with featured posts

  2. Blog (from the navigation bar on your top right) will reveal all my blog posts to date

  3. Visit the News section for press releases (that I care about anyway ツ)

  4. New Journal index for life-related posts: events, video content, and some glitz & glam

  5. New Food index for all things food: trends, recipes, reviews

So there you have it in full transparency! I hope you fancy the new look and small adjustments to my content. My goal is to turn this blog into a reliable source for all your food and travel needs but will need a lot of your support along the way. Let me know what you want to see more of — I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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